Simon Grayson Sacked By Huddersfield

I’m actually beginning to wonder if a ‘sacking window’ should be introduced alongside a transfer window. Quite frankly this is ridiculous.

The Huddersfield board must have felt left out and even though they’re denying it, the sudden availability of Nigel Adkins makes the timing of this decision interesting to say the least.

If anyone else loses their job this season, it’ll mean that half the managers in the Championship have lost their jobs. As I said last week, you’ve got to wonder if the expectations at boardroom level are unrealistic in some cases.

I won’t be commenting any further on Grayson’s departure because I’ve got better things to do with my time.



Author: Mike Roberts

A football fan since the 1970s, I take my inspiration from the standard of writing that made Shoot! magazine streets ahead of anything else back in the day. I'm also a complete and utter stathead, which I blame on being exposed to American sports at the end of my teens.