England turn aside Denmark

There were a slew of international friendlies on Wednesday evening and one of the key results was England’s 2-1 victory over Denmark.

As per usual, the Three Lions made it interesting. Football betting fans know that England rarely make it easy on themselves and Wednesday’s friendly was no different.

The game was played in Copenhagen but just as it has been for quite some time now, England has the huge upper hand when it comes to talent on the field. With names like Wayne Rooney and Darren Bent, and captain Frank Lampard, there is huge talent differential between the teams.

Denmark struck early on in the seventh-minute when Christian Eriksen won a corner off of the aforementioned Lampard. The attempted cross was headed away by John Terry but Eriksen quickly regained control. He aimed for the box a second time and this time Daniel Agger’s diving header finished the job successfully.

Stop if you’ve heard this before but a number of English fans simultaneously groaned as their team fell behind early yet again.

England battled back quickly, though, as Ashley Cole worked the ball to Theo Walcott, who found Bent in the box and he tapped in an easy one.

As per usual, Denmark played their lockdown, defensive style and simply waited for opportunities. They earned plenty in the first half and even the better chances between the two teams. There’s no doubt that most of those opportunities came through Eriksen and while he’s talented, he’s just one of the few weapons that the Danish team has to offer.

And just as nerves set in throughout the first half, England found a way to break through in second half.

Stewart Downing came in for Walcott in the 68th minute and that proved to be the key substitution. Minutes later, he made a run with Glen Johnson down the left and after some deft passing, the ball came to Ashley Young and he sealed the deal.

Overall, it’s a meaningless game and nobody would have faulted England too much for losing but given how they played, nobody is lauding them too much for a win. It was about par for the course: competent and pleasing.

The shining star of this contest however was on the Danish side and if Eriksen can look this good in international company at the young age of 18, he’s going to have a bright future wherever he plays.