‘Are You Losing It?’ – The latest in the FA Respect Campaign

The Football Association launched its latest campaign in its Respect programme to coincide with the England v Egypt International at Wembley last night, with its ultimate aim to reduce anti social behaviour, both on and off the pitch.

Despite Wayne Rooney showing signs of frustration with his team mates during the game, he did manage to control himself impeccably in front of the referee and only the continual booing of John Terry let some members of the crowd down.

The FA’s two latest films ‘Are You Losing it?‘ address the issues of anti social behaviour in the form of abusive behaviour from fans  at a match and also an over bearing adult screaming and shouting at his child from the touchline.



The Football Association say that they are making progress in their Respect Campaign with an increase in the number of qualified and trainee referees this season, a drop in the number of dissent cautions throughout the Football League in all divisions and referee assaults down by 25%.

The Respect programme has become a compulsory module in the FA’s training courses for all new referees and coaches coming into the game each season.

On the down side there is still much work to be done; 800 grassroots games were abandoned in 2008/09 season due to player or spectator misconduct and 1 in 4 parents would not consider confronting an offensive spectator for fear of physical retaliation.

You can help further improve the game by joining The FA Respect Campaign here.

Play the PGMOL the RefWorld quiz game


The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) have launched a new website refworld.com to bring football fans closer to the men in the middle. It has been developed to provide referee information to everyone involved in football, the supporters, the managers, the referees and of course the players themselves – at all levels of the game.

PGMOL are challenging fans to sign up to the site to play their Refworld Quiz game – can you make the correct decision at the crucial moment? A whole host of prizes are on offer, and players can set up mini-leagues to compete with their mates, and demonstrate their expert knowledge for bragging rights.

Try it for yourselves at RefWorld quiz, It is not as easy as you might imagine!

As well as showing the latest news, the site includes up to date and detailed referee profiles, details of official appointments and professional verdicts, detailed directives and the full written Laws of the Game.